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Tools for managing social media

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Tools for backing up social media tools (eg. for records management)


  • Backupify (Facebook) - this application can be used to back up lots of different social media.  A free account can be created and automatic downloadable archives are created of posts, photos, links and comments.


  • Twapperkeeper (Twitter) - this application is similar to Backupify, but is only for Twitter.  It automatically archives all twitters,but these can no longer be downloaded.


  • Facebook - you can adjust your settings so you can receive e-mail notifications when anyone posts on your wall, makes a comment, tags a photo or likes.  These e-mails can then be entered into the council's record keeping system. 


  • Regular screenshots of the relevant social media page can be downloaded and placed in the council's record keeping system. 



Resources for record keeping legislation



  • Standard on digital record keeping - a resource from NSW State Records that sets out the minimum compliance requirements for NSW public offices for defining their digital records, digital recordkeeping system functionality and the creation and managemend of recordkeeping metadata for digital records.



Tools for managing and monitoring social media

  • Hootsuite - if you've got several social media tools on the go, then this a great free tool that can help you manage them.  It is a social media dashboard that allows you to monitor and post to multiple social networks, schedule your postings and analyse your social media success. 


  • Tools & Tips  - this is a great resource from the Association of Local Government Information Management in New Zealand that provides good links on monitoring and managing social media.


  • Tweetdeck - this is a similar tool to Hootsuite.  Tweetdeck however is a program that has to be downloaded, which can be an issue for IT security at some councils, whereas Hootsuite is a web application.


  • Twuffer - this is free tool allows Twitter users to compose a list of future Tweets and schedule their release to the best time.


  • Google Analytics - this free service from Google allows you to gather data on usage of your social media tools.




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