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2011 Survey

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A state-wide survey was conducted on the use of social media in New South Wales Public Libraries.  From the 100 library services across NSW, 124 responses were received. 


  • 45.2% responses indicated they already use social media tools in the library, with 32.3% indicating they would like to have a social media presence.
  • Facebook and Blogs are the most popular tools currently being used, followed by Twitter. Flickr, which is a low risk, easy to use tool, is not as popular as was expected. We believe that Flickr should be used more often to promote the Library‚Äôs collection of photographs.
  • Social Media is used mainly to Promote the Library Services (90%) and for Marketing of Events (86%).
  • 90% indicated that the main benefit of using social media is community engagement, hence the staff need to ensure they respond and engage constantly. Social Media tools can work as giant emailing lists which could result in sustainable event promotion. 
  • Only one library recorded receiving any inappropriate comments. An overwhelming majority of 62% indicated they have had no problems using social media in Libraries. The biggest problem seems to be lack of interest in social media.
  • Age groups that could be very likely influenced by Library's use of social media range from ages 15 to 44. There seems to be an over estimation of use by 10 to 14 year olds when terms of service for most tools present 13 years or over. However, social media tools are useful to reach parents of young people. 
  • Number of visits to social media sites (79.1%) stood out at the best performance indicator to measure the success in use of social media followed by positive comments received (58.1%).
  • Public Libraries can follow / friend / comment on the social media accounts of local radio and TV.  Where local media reciprocate it can result in much wider awareness of library activities in the community. 
  • Most Libraries (37.7%) did not have a social media policy and 20.8% indicated they would like to have a draft that could be adapted.
  • Most libraries have not been maintaining records when using social media. However, record keeping applies to social media as outlined by NSW State Records in General retention and disposal authority: local government records (GA39)3.8.0 Libraries and Public Libraries Information Access 


Have a look at the complete survey results - Survey Results on Use of Social Media in NSW Public Libraries 2011   

Copy of the survey that was sent to Managers and PLN members - Survey on Use of Social Media in NSW Public Libraries 2011

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