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Evaluation Tool

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Definition: <name of the tool>

Purpose: <what is it designed to do?>

Suitability checklist:  <how well does it meet your library needs / priorities?>



Management strategies

Terms of service

Age range

Content ownership





What info is collected on the site? Do you need to include a privacy statement?


Comment moderation


Is it possible (or desirable) to moderate comments before they appear? Or use a take down policy?


Logo and profile


Can you brand it with your logo and website?


Shared account or single user?


Who / how many library staff can be active in the account?


Statistics / reporting


What is possible? What will you record?


Complaints and compliments response procedure

Will you channel any complaints / compliments into the normal email / phone channels?




Is it accessible via screen reading software etc.?


Records management


Are there any business records that need to be captured?


Time to maintain / frequency of use?




Council requirements


What is council's policy (eg. do they have a single account or can the library set up one of their own)









You can download a copy of this Evaluation Tool.


Examples of the evaluation tool


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